Jimmy Kimmel Live Highlights

All the late night talk shows were repeats last night. So I am going to review last Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel doesn’t do a typical monologue. After setting up each joke he allows a short video to deliver the punch line stead of doing it himself. So even if one of his jokes were funny it would be hard to repeat it here. One bit worth mentioning was This Week in Unnecessary Censorship. It’s on the home page that is linked at the beginning of the paragraph.

I’m a big fan of Texas hold ‘em, so I enjoyed watching the segment Taxes hold ‘em. Four contestants, each of which is receiving a federal tax refund, played. The winner had their tax refund quadrupled.

Ben Affleck was Kimmel’s first guest. The last time these two were together they made this music video, which they spent over half their time together discussing.  Good times.

Lily Allen was the musical guest. Kimmel actually talked with her before she performed, which was refreshing.

– Woody

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