Late Show Highlights

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Anyone see The Late Show with David Letterman last night? I really admire Letterman’s ability to deliver jokes. They’re not always funny jokes, but he delivers them so well that the monologue is always enjoyable to sit through. It’s very similar to The Simpsons. Here was my favorite from last night:

We got another audio tape from Osama Bin Laden. Have you heard it? He attacks moderate Arab leaders. He calls for renewed Jihad. And he gives his NCAA picks. He’s going with Butler. And then on the tape he wonders out loud why Jennifer Aniston can’t hold on to a guy.

Nicholas Cage was his first guest. Everyone has an opinion of this guy. Personally, I will always love him for Con Air. I understand that I am alone in my feeling on this.

– Woody

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