Late Show and Late Night Highlights

Sorry I’m so late. It’s been a busy day. I’ll make this quick:

I watched less than half of The Late Show with David Letterman. I honestly don’t think Andy Kindler is funny. Don’t know who Andy Kindler is? That’s fine. No need to start now.

Due to lack of time I skipped the interviews. I’m sure Tom Brokaw was good.

I enjoyed most of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He really is a geek. Here are two perfect examples from his monologue:

The Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, has his own YouTube channel to promote himself and the city. And it’s working. Although I thought he crossed the line with “Two Mayors, One Cup”.

And finally, Swiss scientists have discovered that gamers who grip their game controllers too tightly can develop a new painful skin condition on their palms.  Finally, an STD for nerds. Yes.

Russell Brand was on, after being on Letterman two nights ago. He was good. At one point he said something so funny, but so disturbing at the same time, that Fallon had to hide behind a piece of paper to hide his same that he was laughing so hard. That’s good comedy.

The creators of were on as well. I dug it at first, but buried it by the end.

– Woody

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